At the end of week 2


trees in week 2Each week I will take a photo of the trees outside the studio to record the progression of the seasons.

I have had very helpful advice on what to do and where to go from people involved in the weaving classes. In fact it is going to take considerable time to get to all of them. So, on a very overcast Sunday, I took a scenic drive to the tourist town of Berrima. It was typical of that type with crafty shops, galleries, knick knack shops, cafes. I had a bit of a wander around before enjoying a huge Devonshire tea. The drive between here and there and back again was the best bit. It is a very scenic area.

From the studio window, I watched a family with young children kicking the leaves and throwing them up in the air and having fun.  I am really enjoying watching the world from the studio. It is just so pretty. The first jonquils are also just about to open. I found this huge and very beautiful toadstool under a tree in front of the studio.

Huge toadstool found under a tree

 From the point of view of “work”, this week hasn’t really got much to show for it but I have worked on fine tuning the countermarche and getting the Jack loom working. The jack loom is ready to get a warp on and start weaving. I have been doing more sampling on the other. I have just cut the first series of samples from the loom. Next week will see some dyeing on these. I have started to play with the bookmark blanks that I’d woven in the first week. I’ve attacked one with a lit candle and have tied up a bunch ready to dye. The result of the candle experiment is interesting as I have achieved a burnt pattern with exposed stainless steel where the silk has been burnt out and scorched pattern. This has potential.


I have also done some natural dyeing on commercial cotton fabric. I’ve visited the wood pile with shavings from the wood school and boiled up some dark red shavings, but unfortunately the end result wasn’t very exciting…just brown! In the process, I did try layering the savings in the folds of the fabric and leaving it to soak before boiling up but there also wasn’t any discernable variation. Later on in the week I also collected a pot full of eucalypt leaves and boiled those up and overdyed the wood pile fabric…..still brown but now I have some shading. It’s still not terribly exciting. Now the fabric is tied up again and ready to redye at a future date. I am having fun!

First bookmark

On Friday we celebrated the birthday of the Winifred West Schools. We got to go to a service to mark the event. All the “schools” were there: the tiny preschoolers and primary school kids from another campus, the girls from Frensham and we did our bit too representing Sturt. It was an occasion! The celebrations continued all weekend. The coffee shop, gallery and roads in the area were all very busy.

The week was completed with a visit to my long time friends, Bev and Tom just down the road at Bundanoon. We attended a choral performance by a very good amateur group who used the theme of journeys to perform a range of works in a wide variety of styles, most being unaccompanied. We will long remember the visit, marked by 2 sets of keys being locked in the house and the associated drama of how to get back inside.

So it’s been an interesting week but at this stage I don’t really have anything to show for it

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