At the end of week 5

There’s no view from the studio this week as I wasn’t there.

It’s been a week with a difference! It started on Sunday with the opening of Australia Naturally exhibition. I had such a great time catching up with everyone that I didn’t think to take any photos even though I had the camera there. Sheila Virgo and Marg Barnett had hung the exhibition. They had done a great job. This was the exhibition that was shown in Paris in conjunction with the International Shibori Symposium and comprised of work that fitted in a 30 x 30 cm box by Australian shibori practitioners. I thought that the works looked better in this space than they did there. They had space and were well lit. It was great party!

I did finish off the scarves. As the washing machine at Sturt was a bit problematical being inclined to wash everything on a hot cycle, I elected to take it home to a guaranteed wash cycle. Probably the machine was fixed but I didn’t really want to run the risk. I’d rather do a test wash on my clothes not on these scarves and didn’t have time to do so before I left. I am pleased with the results. All I have left to do is some stitching on one. These will be up on next weeks post.

On Wednesday, I took the train to Rockhampton. It has been a very long time since I’d done that…30+ years. I was very impressed. It’s fast (quicker than I could drive) and very comfortable and as well gives a totally different perspective on that regularly travelled trip. I was going up for Mum’s 80th birthday and she didn’t know I was coming! Wasn’t she surprised as I’d previously told her that it was just too far for me to come. We celebrated in appropriate style. My brother, sisters and I took her for a drive “up the beach”. As kids we’d spent most weekends driving “up the beach” to go fishing. “The beach” is a 16km stretch of untouched and uninterrupted beach north of Yeppoon. We’d drive up it in an “old beach bomb” and go sand worming, fishing and crabbing. Well, Dad would while we helped, swam or walked for miles collecting stuff. If we were really lucky we’d find an old bit of plastic or lump of ply and go sliding down the sand dunes. Then we’d have lunch of savaloys cooked over a fire and wrapped up in bread with tomato sauce. It had been a very long time since Mum had been “up the beach” so this was a very special surprise. It was great being on that untouched expanse. There was the odd 4 wheel drive but we were basically on our own…. doing lots of reminiscing. And what did we have for our picnic? Well savaloys in bread of course! (and other yummy stuff) It was a grand occasion!

Our picnic spot.

This is our picnic, kilometers from anywhere and looking towards Great Keppel Islands

Ron and Lyn

Reminescent of another time: my sister Lyn, “worming” and brother Ron, fishing.

Mum getting her feet wet

A rogue wave came and Mum got her feet wet. Her grand daughter, Naomi, offered help; the rest who saw, watched on with laughter.


Cutting the cake

Mum cutting her cake with Beth, Lyn, Ron, Naomi and Kyle looking on.

Friday saw me make the return journey. I was very fortunate flying into Sydney airport as I saw a pod of 5 whales and one was breaching.

 It was great to be back and just in time for our Friday night wine too. Now for some more play…

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