At the end of week 8

View from the studio, week 8

How scary is this? Week 8 and that means that I am at the half way point. There’s so much that I want to get done and I know that I am going to run out of time.

This week started off with a visit from Trudy Newman. That’s her in the photo. Her sweater matches the lavender. She stayed overnight on Sunday and so was here to be in the photo on Monday morning; the day when I have set for taking the photo.

I don’t have a huge amount to show in the weaving line this week. I have managed to weave 3 scarves but I haven’t got around to pulling up the resist threads. I have finally completed the dyeing of the next Meeting Place piece. I have put on multiple layers of dyes including eucalyptus, discharge and about 3 layers of procion. I wanted to embed the image more into the cloth this time and have flattened the contrast with the multiple layers of dyes. It isn’t the colour that I originally intended, but I think that I have taken it as far as I want. I’ll complete it fully before I post the full image . It is much darker than what the image shows.

Close up of the next work in the Meeting Place series.

 This week has seen the preparation and warping of looms ready for the Winter School; and yes, more loom maintenance. I discovered one loom frame tied up with string, so that resulted in the start of that loom’s major overhaul.

Great excitement this week: I received copies of Queenslanders All Over by Joan Burton-Jones and I am very honoured to have images in it…..right after a forward by our Prime Minister and before the table of contents. WOW!  It’s a very beautiful feels good, it looks great and it’s got a whole lot of interesting people in it (and I’d say that even if I wasn’t in it!) Joan has kindly supplied me with an overview of her book that was written to celebrate Queensland’s 150 birthday.

The outcome of over four year’s research by Joan Burton-Jones, Queenslanders all Over was awarded a community funding grant by the Queensland Government Q150 Committee and the book was officially launched in Parliament House by State Premier Anna Bligh in Brisbane on 24 July.

This book contains almost 130 original stories gathered from across the State. Stories of enterprise, mateship, community, larrikin humor and courage abound, from the frontier spirit of early pioneers and unsung heroes to household names in Business, Sport, Tourism, the Arts and Sciences. 

The storytellers speak about their working lives, how they came to live here, their families and communities, their hopes and dreams, and about the different areas in which they live.

The concept for this book was rooted in the firm belief that the fabric of society is dependent on the strength, unique qualities and interdependence of all its threads.  The stories in the book represent a cross section of human threads that make up the social and cultural fabric of Queensland.

It can be obtained through leading (Queensland) book stores or online through Bond University Bookshop   Ph: (07) 5595-4050 

 Cover of "Queenslanders All Over"

Today, Sunday is a very auspicious day. I am on my own: no sharing of refrigerator and no top shelves in the cupboard! Sina has finished her residency and they are on their way to New Zealand for a holiday before they continue their explorations of Australia. I wish them well. They’ve been fun to share with and it has been an interesting experience going back to college day’s sharing.

Tonight was also the start of the Winter School with students and tutors starting to arrive. Dinner was a very low key affair. No doubt tomorrow will be full on.


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