At the end of week 9

View from the studio at the end of week 9

This week was an extremely busy one. I had 7 students in the Winter School and they really worked hard. I had set up a “round robin” with 12 looms dressed, each exploring a different aspect of woven shibori, both warp and weft. They also had the opportunity to explore shibori on a variety of yarns and in a variety of techniques including differential dyeing, discharge, permanent pleating and devore (though no one got to this). A large number of samples were produced: some quite beautiful but all with potential. One weaver, Belinda, took the opportunity half way through the week to apply the knowledge she’d learnt and complete a project. It turned out to be a very beautiful scarf combining woven shibori and huck lace. It was a great workshop with a great group of people.

Some of the samples produced during the Winter School

There were maany samples produced. These are a selection of some.

Belinda undoing her shibori scarf.

Detail of Belinda's scarf

Belinda set up the loom and wover her scarf in huck lace using alpacca with weft shibori in 2 days. She dyed it with a crammed pot method on the last day. Luckily it was a cold day as the scarf cooled quickly so she could undo it quickly. There was great excitement in the undoing. While the shibori effect isn’t greatly in evidence in the photo, it certainly had an effect on the way the dye sits on the surface. The end result is exciting: interesting fabric with a great handle and interesting colour patterning.

The first daffodil

All week, I watched and waited for the daffodil to open. Each day there was a bit more colour and  finally it was.

The path to the back door of the studio

The gardens are beautiful. This is the path to the back door of the studio.

I did manage to get the 3 scarves dyed that I’d woven the previous week, thanks to surplus dyes and discharge paste.


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