At the end of week 11

From the studio, week 11

Those red leaves are still hanging on! The gardens are lovely.

Also from the front of the studio

A view to the otherside of the front of the studio. It was early morning and the light was beautiful. There’s a wonderful clump of jonquils there.

Down the garden path at the back of the studio

Each morning I walk down this path at the back of the studio. There is a lovely combination of spring flowers here.

Most of my week has been spent doing doubleweave. I have finished the circles and am now onto the next image on this warp. It is just slow.The next doubleweave design beginning

This is the last loom I intend to “fix”. I started with getting some woodworking done in repairs to the shafts and then replaced all the cords before balancing. It is functioning beautifully.

The last loom fixed.

This is the studio with all looms functioning beautifully: All 14 of them in this photo.

The looms in the studio


There’s another mordant recipe been put on the recipe page. I am in the middle of the process. I hope that it’s worth the effort as it is a 3 day process. I’m looking for stunning results! (I hope)


2 Responses to At the end of week 11

  1. Kb says:

    Congratulations on your interesting web-log Kay. I have not attended Sturt to date but am encouraged to do so, especially now that you have those looms in good working order. Thanks also for posting your dye recipes. Best wishes.

    • kayfaulkner says:

      Thanks for letting me know that you are enjoying the blog and the dye recipes. I am having an interesting time exploring variations. I haven’t done this for a while so it is a good oportunity to do so at Sturt when I have the time. Kay

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