At the end of week 12

At the start of week 12 from the studio.

Daffodils and the studio sign

Visitors welcome…. The studio sign in with the daffodils.

What a week it’s been! I have had a very concentrated week in the studio, working hard at the “circles” and I was determined to get it off this week. As a result I have been working in the studio very early and very late. In amongst that I have had interesting work come out of the weekly classes, done some more dyeing  and have also been out and about.

Flowers in the garden near the studio

Every so often, I come across yet another flower that I hadn’t seen. I am really enjoying the gardens.

By Wednesday, I had completed the 3 stages of the mordanting process that I began on Sunday. I then used one of my stashes of Argyle Apple leaves for the dye bath. At this stage I just stuffed the mordanted fabric into a stocking knowing that an actual pattern wasn’t important, and that any random pattern would suffice. All I was really interested in was whether the recipe would work and even whether the 3 stages would give a better result that the previous one stage that I’d already tried. Well I got colour, and I got a random pattern (not very exciting) and I have decided that the 4 days it took to complete the process was not worth the effort. The fabric can now wait till I decide what I want to experiment with next.

4 days of mordanting and dyeing

This week has also see the beginning of some research into different brands and recipes of acid dyes for dyeing wool. This will continue over the next few weeks.

I have instituted a “show and tell” wall. Libby, one of the Tuesday ladies, organised the return of a community project tapestry that had been completed a number of years ago and which she heard was rolled up on top of a cupboard at the preschool. It had been woven as a community project from one of the drawings by a grade 3? student. That girl graduated last year. Some “stripes” were also woven at the same time. We and our visitors have been enjoying having them. In addition, I have encouraged the students who complete work to display them. April has finished a series of scarves. Consensus was that the class liked the bendy rod instead of a straight one. This is a temporary measure till an improved system can be implemented. I am very pleased to have weaving on the walls especially as we are having a lot of visitors in the studio.

The sudio with the community tapestries

April with her scarves

Camelias from a Tuesday Lady's garden

I have had these camelias as a table centre decoration for the week. They came from Judy, one of the Tuesday lady’s garden.

We had a visit from the year 6 on Thursday. I gave a talk on being a “real live artist” with the class sitting on the lawn in front of the studio. After which they all trouped inside to look at the looms. They enjoyed it as did the ladies who’d come along to weave. And they also enjoyed the tapestry as some of them had seen it in preschool.

I have had two excursions. One was with Megan who is in charge of Sturt, and the contingent from the wood school to a furniture exhibition in Sydney. It was a juried exhibition and very well presented. There was space around the individual pieces and they were of course of exquisite craftsmanship. The second excursion was to Canberra to talk to their students about my arts practice. It was well received. Most importantly I made it back for our Friday night wind down.

But the best part of the week is this afternoon. I have finished the circles. I timed myself today and no wonder it has taken so long. On a relatively “simple” section I could weave 3 cm in 1 hour. Now for the fun bit: all the dyeing.

The length of "circles"

Eventually these will be two separate works.

This next week is going to be interesting. I have a trip to Darwin for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Arts Festival. As I won’t be back till Tuesday week, the next blog will be a few days late.


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  1. KT Doyle says:

    Great blog Kay – the ‘Circles’ is fabulous!

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