At the end of April

April 30, 2010

This month I’ll let some images tell the story. The month’s activities were concerned mainly with two textile events: Fibres at Ballarat and Textile Fibre Forum at Orange. Both are for 5 days. Both are intensive. Both are wonderful. At both I taught a class called “Images in Cloth”. And more importantly, at both I had a wonderful group of women who did amazing work in my class. I was thrilled with what they achieved.

In “Images in Cloth” we spent half a day exploring various approaches to design and then in the remaining time wove images using various structure in pick up on a “universal” threading. To give an overview, I have included an image from the start with the class in Ballarat and one from the end with the class in Orange.

I was very fortunate that June acted as tourist guide in Ballarat and showed me the sites. One of our first stops was seeing the statues in the Botanical gardens. It seems appropriate to include this image because of the implied drapery of the veil in this statue. It looks like cloth and appears so real. I have only shown the head as the image does show the drapery so clearly.


We then went to see the mill at Creswick. I was in for a treat! As I walked in the door I noticed that there was a series of wall hangings in the style of Peter Collingwood’s macro gauzes. They were by Ian McKinnon. It was a treat to see hand weaving in an industry setting. The two sat very nicely together. I did meet with Ian, the artist who is also in charge of the looms and had a very interesting discussion on his weavings. I was very impressed by his work and did acquire one. In addition, I was very fortunate as I had a tour of the mill. It was fascinating.


 Ian McKinnon in front of some of his macro gauzes.

Ian and June, my tour guide, beside one of the looms at Creswick. A variety of woolen fabrics were being woven. The Mill has a shop where many beautiful items are for sale.

In 2008, Redland Regional Art Gallery had acquired a piece of my work titled Which Way. At the time I was running short on time and didn’t organise photography. Then when it was acquired, it was too late. But the Redland Art Gallery has kindly organised me a copy of the image as it appears in their catalogue (It appears in the  “Photography and New Media” section). I am delighted to finally have an image.