In the middle of June

Only 12 hours to go before I set off on the next adventure…. but more about that next time.

I am now starting on a Kaos free stage. It is going to take some adjustment not having him around.


Weaver’s Forum is about to have an exhibition at Gallery 159, The Gap, Brisbane. This is a snnek preview of the works on show. The exhibition is titled To Great Lengths and is openned this weekend. Please go to TAFTA website for full details or Weavers Forum




I have been experimenting quite extensively over the past month with velvet. Weaving velvet is extremely challenging and time consumiong requiring a great deal of concentration. A supplementary independently weighted warp is required to produce the pile. It is woven into a ground structure and must be firmly anchored so that it doesn’t pull out. The pile warp passes over a series of rods which are used in rotation with the last one being removed for use in the next pile row. If the pile is cut, then cut velvet is produced. If the wires are removed without cutting then uncut velvet is produced.

 I have finally constructed the kimono from the woven shibori fabric that was woven on the drawloom.

One Response to In the middle of June

  1. KT Doyle says:

    YOU ARE AMAZING KAY! What craftsmanship! I am in awe of the things you can do with yarn, a dyebath and a loom! Truly inspirational! Will have to get over and see the show! Let me know when you’re back from your trip as we are in need of a good catch up and you’ll have so much to tell me! x

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