November, 2010

November 29, 2010

Over the past 12 months or so, when I have had studio time, I have been working steadily towards a group exhibition at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery. This week sees the culmination with photography being completed. The work is now ready to be transported to Goulburn for the exhibition opening on Saturday 11 December. I am providing a sneak preview of some of the work from which the curator will select for “Japanese Story”.

Japanese Story 8-22 December 2010 at the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery with the opening at 2 pm on 11 December by Anne Fulwood, Trustee, Art Gallery of New South Wales

Don Hildred has taken the following images. 

Diamonds on Diamonds; hand woven, silk with cotton/linen, weft shibori on the drawloom, indigo, synthetic lining.

Integration IV and V: Yardage,both are cotton, handwoven 5 end satin damask on the drawloom with warp shiobori. IV: fibre reactive dyes; V: natural dyes (Eucalyptus cineraria), discharge, fibre reactive dyes.

Squares on Squares; hand woven, wool, warp and weft shibori, acid dyes, felting.

Alternate Squares on Blocks; wrap, hand woven, silk and wool, weft shibori on twill blocks, pleated, acid dyes.