At the end of May

June 3, 2011

This month, I’m sharing a series of work for the forthcoming solo exhibition at “Framed” in Darwin in July. One of the works was shown last month on the loom. The series is Take Five.  The theme was developed from take five minutes to doodle, daydream and design. Take five of the elements and put them together and design a whole.  At this stage I put a warp on for double weave, wove the first image and then for the next two subsequent pieces, changed elements within the design simply by swapping the black and white layers. Doubleweave, by the way, is a process whereby two layers of fabric are woven at the same time and allows for very graphic, clean images as each layer can have its own colour.

Take Five I 

Take Five II

Take Five III

I was enjoying this design and then wondered what would happen if colour was introduced. So obviously, I took 5 colours. The aim was to explore the interaction of colour between layers.

Take Five IV

Then of course I realised that it needed five in this series. So for the last, I decided to work in one colour and swap a section of the design exchanging colours from one layer to the other.

Take Five V

While I have many more colour ways that I could explore, this series is finished. I have taken five.

There was great hilarity in my garden. I heard the rainbow lorikeets and went to investigate. There was a gathering: some splashing water, others soaking wet and others dry and obviously waiting in line. At one stage I counted 5 in one bird bath, 3 in another and the smaller one had 2 with more up in the trees above. I just had to stop and be entertained!