September 2011

October 2, 2011

At Hervey Bay Regional Art Gallery I had an opportunity to see Twelve Degrees of Latitude . This is a Museum and Gallery Services Queensland touring exhibition to celebrate Queensland’s 150 th year and has been touring since 2009. It has been drawn from Regional Galleries and University art collections. I have a small piece in the exhibition so it was great to have the opportunity to see it again. I have also just received an invitation to its showing locally at the Redland Art Gallery, 23 October-27 November. Some of the work will be here with the rest of the exhibition at Redcliffe City Art Gallery. So I will have another opportunity to see the works.

Another exhibition well worth a visit is at GOMA. Threads: Contemporary Textiles and the Social Strucute  is on 1 October- 5 February. “Bringing together a diverse range of contemporary textiles from the Gallery’s Australian, Asian and Pacific Collections, the exhibition celebrates the ways in which contemporary artists explore and extend the textile medium.” Many of the works exhibited traditional techniques. Included in the exhibition is a huge tapa cloth especially commissioned for the exhibition.

I have been practicing some carpentry skills. My draw loom had an annoying habit of pattern shafts tilting and not hanging true. The pattern shafts had been suspended from a central point and it was this that resulted in the tilt. To overcome the tilt, I constructed two structures with 20 screw eyes; enough for each shaft. These were then positioned over both ends of the shafts. Venetian cord was then used to replace the original cords. The modification required a doubled cord to run from the toggles at the front and through the original spacer. The use of a bead stopped the cord pulling through the toggle.  The venetian cords then separated to pass through the appropriate screw eye to the shafts below.

A draw loom, by the way has two sets of shafts: one for the basic structure e.g. satin, the other for the actual pattern. The ground shafts have always operated satisfactorily but the pattern ones were a problem. I am very pleased to announce that my modification works perfectly.

One of the major highlights for this month has been all the associated activities in launching my daughter on her grand adventure. Helen has obtained a year’s exchange teaching in the UK. She starts her adventure with a holiday with a friend. Currently she is in Scotland having a grand time.