November 2011

December 27, 2011

I hope that everyone is in the midst of a very enjoyable festive season.

From India last month I look to New Mexico for a source of design.  For those who have been following my blog you have probably realised that I’ve been looking at past adventures /research destinations as a monthly source of inspiration.

2010 was the destination for Convergence and Complex Weavers Seminars. While there I had adventures with a group of weaver friends and then had a magnificent road trip with Judie and Dalbert Eatough (Blog August 2010) to their home in Utah.

Where to go to for the design source? Pottery spoke to me. My mother was a potter so I am often drawn to it. I saw some wonderful examples of contemporary pottery in a Santa Fe gallery which also shared the same motif with Pueblo pots in various museums. It is fascinating to think of the same motif being passed down through generations. This motif also appears in other medium including weaving and in other cultures worldwide. It is such a universal motif.

For colour I have used those found in the landscape, a string of turquoise beads that I bought on this trip and a Navajo necklace I acquired on my first visit to USA in 1994.

In addition I have drawn inspiration from a vase that I brought home. The motif of feathers seemed an appropriate link with last month’s design based on peacock tail feathers.

A banksia that I planted as tube stock at least 2 years ago has finally produced its first flower. At a distance it looked black and uninteresting but up close the stamens were dark green with a purple/red core.  Then as a week went by and it opened more fully it became a much lighter green.

Best wishes for a wonderful New Year.