At the end of April 2012…

I’m back in the studio at Sturt.  When I walked into the studio, it was very familiar territory.

Before I share what I have been doing, I’d like you to meet some of my Tuesday’s class. They are working on a variety of individual projects.

This is Tuesdays’ first warp. On her 18th birthday she started a wonderful journey. It was the day she started weaving. What a birthday! This is her third day of weaving in the studio. Well done Tuesday!

Judy is preparing her loom and busily spinning wool at home to weave her rug.

Maureen is working on a hammock.

Judy is working on her first floor rug. She has also hand dyed her yarn.

I have two tapestry weavers in my class. Dimity Kidston has been their tutor for the last term. They are working on completing their tapestries. Both have enjoyed working with Dimity and are looking forward to continuing with her again. Sturt and those working in this medium are fortunate to have access to such an accomplished tutor.

Ann has been challenged by circles and lines.

Sara has interpreted her grandchild’s drawing.

What have I been doing on my residency? Firstly my exhibition continues. It is the last week next week. I have been enjoying company dropping into the studio after they have seen the exhibition: some are weavers, some are travellers, some have an appreciation of textiles and design while others just want to have a yarn. It has been fun.

I have been busy working in the studio and have completed a collection of woven shibori pieces.


The challenge for me while I weave at Sturt is to design using the looms that are here and most specifically design for a minimum of shafts. The maximum number of shafts available on any loom is 8. This image shows the progression of weaving with fishing line being woven in for the resist, a pulled up sample and then after dyeing has been completed. This series uses the absolute minimum of shafts for woven shibori : 3.

The finished sample has permanent pleats as well as a dye pattern.

For those who are going to Canberra, Travelling the Silk Road is on show at the National Museum of Australia. I caught the exhibition when taking a friend who had visited to the airport. A visit to Canberra also means I get to spend time by the lake. It is a very beautiful time to be visiting Canberra.

The gardens at Sturt are again spectacular. Here are some views of different sections around the studio.

One Response to At the end of April 2012…

  1. Trood says:

    Hiya Kay! what a wonderful blog – the photos of the exhib. are so great, and all the others. And you have been doing so much work – the results on 3 shafts most inspiring. Would be real encouragement for those who think less shafts are too limiting. Trood.

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