At the end of January 2013

February 2, 2013

Hasn’t time flown? One month has passed already in this new year.

This month’s blog is mainly images. GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) and QAG (Queensland Art Gallery) are currently hosting APT7. It is on till 14th April.

The following quote is from the web site: Established in 1993, The Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT) is the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art’s flagship international contemporary art event. It is the only major exhibition series in the world to focus exclusively on the contemporary art of Asia, the Pacific and Australia. APT7 continues the series’ forward-thinking approach to questions of geography, history and culture and how these questions are explored through the work of contemporary artists.

The following are my favourite pieces:

Love the pattern! Note the weaving of the lower section and the bags on the left.

Immediately inside the entrance of GOMA.

Papua New Guinea and I think further down Samoa.

Crocodiles and other structures from Papua New Guinea. Note the large wall piece on the right.

I just loved the rickness of pattern. There were a number of pieces within APT& that explored pattern.

Pattern! Detail of large wall piece near crocodiles.

Rusty metal bits. The scale is amazing.

Rusty metal baskets. These are very large sculptural pieces.

An upside down elephant.... Why?...Why not.... Children are fascinated. Just wait till the grass grows and they can actually rub it.

A visit to GOMA also included the viewing of the new sculpture near the river. It sure does have people talking.

Glenyss Mann in front of two of her works. These are large scale photographic works; a new development but so very right for this exhibition. The material in these works is a familiar theme of earlier textile pieces.


Another exhibition, This time at the Warwick Art Gallery  The work is by three textile artists: Els van Baarle (Netherlands), Glenys Mann (Australia) and Cherylin Martin (UK and Netherlands).I wasd honoured to be asked to speak at the opening. The exhibition is on till 10th .

I have had a very busy couple of weeks relocating. This year brings another residency at Sturt. I am delighted to have obtained a year long one. It will be a very interesting and challenging year. I have come full circle. This is where I started my blog and recorded those adventures.



Up the path to the entrance of the studio. It is so green and quite a different experience to other times when I have been here in Autumn and Winter.


Three chairs in front of the gallery.