At then end of February 2013

March 2, 2013

Time is flying. It’s been a very busy month. I have had a visit from my dear Michigan friends, Kati and John. While they were in Brisbane, I made sure thatĀ Kati did a ceremonial cutting off of a warp from “Kati’s loom”. It’s the drawloom that I acquired from her a few years ago.Kati cutting off the warp. I made sure I finished it before she arrived.On the drive down to Canberra we got to stop off at Wellington. I had always wondered what the sculpture was. It was an appropriate place to let the visitors stretch their legs.

Wellington sculpture

It’s an interesting mix of media.

About the sculpture

At Canberra we got to see theĀ  Toulouse Lautrec exhibition on at the National Art Gallery. It was one of the highlights for Kati.

NAG entrance.

They went and a daughter celebrated a birthday at Surfer’s Paradise. The waves were amazing. Dawn breaks on another day older.

Gold coast

On the last drive back to Sturt, I dismantled my 24 shaft loom and put it in the back of my car. Amazingly it fitted with 4 cm to spare in the length.

The sticks arrive at Sturt.

A pile of sticks

A couple of days later and I have a loom back together again AND it works beautifully!

My 24 shaft computer assit loom installed at Sturt.

And talking of looms… for the weavers: This is a great loom for crawling under. Most looms require weavers to be contortionists. Just check out how much room Maureen has to fix a tie up.Maureen fixing the loom she's weaviong a floor rug on.