At the end of April 2013

I know it is not quite the end of the month and I usually post then, but I do know how busy I am about to become getting ready for my trip to Canada and the USA.

The term at Sturt has ended, holidays taken and a new one has just begun. Kate Holmes will take over the studio while I am travelling. As normal we celebrate projects as they come off the loom. (Somehow I managed to miss photographing a couple).

Marcia shows Tueday her scarf.

Marcia finished her scarf. She used some wool for the weft which she had spun many years ago.

Maureen (centre) shows off her finished rug.

Maureen finished her rug, and a week later totally finished with a woven edge.

Lyn's rug explores a variety of techniques.

Lyn finishes her rug.

Fibres Ballarat happened early in the month. This is a week- long event where many textile classes are run. My students explores South East Asian textiles. Day 1: We analysed a selection of textiles and put on the first warp. By day 2 they had all (including an absolute beginner weaver) completed their first set of samples. The rest of the week was then spent doing more sampling and/or designing and weaving a project according to student needs. I was very impressed by their enthusiasm and the amount of work and learning that was acheived. It was a great week and we sure had fun!. Glenys sure does run a great event.

It is a very special event when the first piece of weaving comes off the loom.

Suzanna examines her samples; her first ever piece of weaving. It’s a long narrow strip experimenting with a range of techniques.

The first set of samples.

Judy experiments with a range of techniques.

The weaving class of 2013.

Following Fibres Ballarat, Jeanette, Di and Wendy have all emailed images of their completed projects. It was very pleasing to see the completed projects. Thank you to all for giving me permission to share these.

Jeanette's table runner.

Di's table runner.

Wendy's table runner.

While I was in Ballarat, I had a free half day before the event began. I took the opportunity with four others to go down to Geelong and view an exhibition on at the National Wool Museum titled Future Wool. According to the publicity: It brings together a cross section of design interpretations in merino wool from across the globe. Innovative textile technology from china to classic feminine tailoring from the USA and stunning hand knits from Belgium. It is on till the 19th May 2013. Some garments unfortunately I missed noting the designers.

general view of one section of "Future Wool".

Naeem Khan

unknown designerRimzim Dadu

At the museum is also a working carpet loom.

The volunteer explains how the loom works.We are on the second floor looking down.

A jacquard uses punched cards to select the woven pattern.

Reels of wool used for the warp and pile.

An example of a rug produced by this loom.

I was very fortunate that the latest issue of Handwoven arrived just in time for the Ballarat event. Inside is an article on Sotis, one of the techniques covered in this class.

Handwoven with the runner that appears in the issue.

On the drive to Ballarat, I discovered an interesting fact. When one drives a long way, one has time and perhaps occasion to collect interesting and useless facts. One expects a kangaroo road sign to have a particular appearance. It is a standard sign.

A standard kangaroo road sign.

But then I noticed a koala sign that was different to those at home. In fact I noticed a total of 5 different signs on that trip. Unfortunately by the tiome I had started to register this fact and  become intrigued, the opportunity to photograph them had passed. I couldn’t resist starting a collection of koala signs. These have been added to on the way home.

Mittagong - Ballarat

Ballarat - Geelong

Mittagong - Ballarat

Mittagong - Brisbane

Redlands City Council: my home area.


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