At the end of July 2013

August 1, 2013

Having arrived back in Australia on the 6th July and having spent a week working on getting work ready for my solo exhibition: Pattern, A Universal Phenomenon, I did the drive back to Sturt.  On the way I stopped off at the Portraits of a Teacosy exhibition at the Warwick Art Gallery. The exhibition is by Loani Prior and Mark Crocker. The exhibition is on at Warwick till 11th August before touring. This is a delightful exhibition. Loani, as well as having constructed the actual teacosies in the exhibition, travelled to various locations interviewing and collecting stories on teacosies. Mark photographed and then digitally enhanced the images. Yes, I met them at Sturt and am delighted to be included in the exhibition. Loani and Mark have set up a designated Portraits of a Teacosy website.  Touring details are listed there as well as all the images and stories.  http//

A view of the exhibition.

Jumpers and JazzThe Portraits of a teacosy exhibition is being run in conjunction with Jumpers and Jazz, an annual festival. Here’s a tree outside the Art Gallery dressed in its winter woolies.

Having been away, I was looking at the Australian countryside with very appreciative eyes. This is somewhere south of Tenterfied on the New England Highway, New South Wales.

On the road again.

And just for fun, here are more road signs to my collection. These were around Warwick and on the Thunderbolts Way between Walca and Newcastle, NSW.

The train....When was the last time you actually saw one of these?

A wombatA surprised wombat.

Yet another one.

Both this and the next month will be a balance of commitments at Sturt and preparing work at home for the exhibition.

Outside the studio.

It’s great to be back at Sturt. The gardens at this time of year are magnificent.

Another term is well under way in the weaving studio. Maureen finished off her woven shibori scarf.

Undoing the shibori.

Undoing the shibori. The fishing line also dyed beautifully in the acid dye bath.

The finished scarf.

Maureen’s finished scarf. An interesting dye effect has been obtained by using a combination of silk and cotton. In the acid dye bath, the cotton didn’t dye.

Tuesdays tablemats.

Tuesday finished off her tablemats. She had woven them last term. In finishing them she learnt how to use the sewing machine.: a very useful skill to acquire.

While I was in the USA, I discovered Spoonflower, a company that custom prints your designs. I have been having some fun taking my woven designs and converting the into printed cloth.  I think Spoonflower could become quite addictive,

damask and printed fabric.

Handwoven damask designs have been the inspiration for this fabric design. The negative space of the hands have been added by dye. The back, while the print design is not strong holds as much interest in some ways as the “front”. This is another sneak preview of work being developed for the solo.


post cards crop

I have collected some work back from the framers. Mansons Framers of Wynnum did a wonderful job. Here’s a sneak preview of 6 Post cards from a series of 12.

Redland Art Gallery have released the exhibition invitation. All welcome to both the opening, artist talk and for the exhibition for its duration.

Pattern_front invite

Pattern_back invite