At the end of August 2013

I’ve been weaving with fairy floss. Well I presume it must be as it floats in the updraft of the heater beside my loom. It is very cold in the back studio at Sturt and I cope with being cold by looking like “Michelin man” and having the heater under the loom.

fairy weavings
This was the final piece woven for the exhibition. The gold metallic supplementary weft is 3 threads and is very light; hence floating in the updraft. I am delighted that it made the deadline. At one stage I really thought it just wouldn’t be woven in time.

Del(450 x 600)
Work progresses in the studio. Del has finished her beautiful scarf.

The gardens erupt in spring flowers. The magnolias are stunning.

Pattern: A Universal Phenomenon is now hanging in the Redland Art Gallery. I am delighted with how it has come together. My thanks goes to the staff at RAG both for their professionalism in making this happen and to the hanging committee that have made my vision work. The exhibition is open till Sunday 22nd September. My thanks also go to all the people who came to either or both the opening and the floor talk. It was a grand turn out at both and I certainly appreciated the response to the exhibition.

I am including some images. At some stage in the near future I will put the full picture on my website.

Front desk
The front desk.The following images are as the work appears from the left hand side of the gallery working around the walls to the front again.

First section

7 The Creators
The Woodworker’s Rag, The Painter’s Canvas, The Potter’s Apron, The Weaver’s Cloth.

9 The weavers
The WeaversI,II,III,IV.

10 Postcards

11 Take Five series
Take Five series

12 Take Five printed fabric lengths
Fabric lengths using motif from the Take Five series.

13 The Hand
The Hand

14 Journeys by Hand
Journey by Hand. 25 damask pices mounted with matching design source and repeat motif. This series couldn’t have come about to its full potential without the graphics wizardry of my friend Indra Deigan.

15 At work , at rest, at play
At Work, At Rest, At Play

Section of wall show The New Mexico series, The New Zealand series, The India series.

Section of wall showing The Italian series and The West Timor series.

22 Brotherhood of Man
Brotherhood of Man.

Timeless and printed fabric lenghts. One has been overdyed.

Section of wall with Meeting Place.

For this exhibition, I have also produced a limited run of journals. The journals have images from Journeys by Hand. One day not so long ago I spent the afternoon with my friend Judith Krone at her cabin (see June post)learning how to do coptic binding. Little did I know it would result in this. Judith also introduced me to Spoonflower where I have had the fabrics printed.
I would also like to acknowledge the Centre for Contemporary Textiles in Montreal. It was there I spent time and had these jacquard textiles in this exhibition woven.

Finally, here is an image of the front of the catalogue. RAG produced it with words from my friend, Myann Burrows who had seen the work develop and understood.


4 Responses to At the end of August 2013

  1. cate markey says:

    ah the gold metallic supp. weft piece is glorious! It reminds me of weavers in India. This could drive me back to the loom, but I fear my 24 s is not enough. Are you using jacquard or draw loom?

    • kayfaulkner says:

      Cate the gold metallic is 24 shafts….. easy pick up using the computer program to select the shaft combinations for imagery: 24 shafts for the side panels and 24 for the centre. It was slow weaving and you had to keep your wits about keeping things in sequence but I am delighted with how it worked.

  2. Trood says:

    Wow! Kay!! Fantastic!! Thanks for putting it up for those of us who could not get there. So much stuff –

  3. Laurie Mrvos says:

    What an impressive body of work. I can’t wait to see more images. Bravo. Laurie

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