September 2014

It was the end of term at Sturt. Some projects were finished, others will carry over into next term.



She finished another piece of weaving in the Saori style. She found the development of pattern by the clasped weft technique very interesting. After the holidays she’ll complete the garment.


Maggie finished another warp using shirt fabric combined with other yarns. The smaller warp has resist threads woven in and will be dyed in indigo. It has been a very interesting exercise as each warp while using the common theme of using old shirts as yarn have been decidedly different. Maggie explains technique to Isobel and Tuesday.

The highlight of the month for many was an indigo bath. It is quite magical watching fabric turn from green to blue as the indigo dyed fabric is removed from the bath and is exposed to the air.


Dyeing and undoing in progress.

5 P1050125

Maggie’s dyed warp shown above.

6 P1050127

Isobel dyed wood and leather.

7 P1050132

Two ladies from pottery wondered what we were doing and also dunked some fabrics.

8 P1050121

The woodies came. As part of their course they had been exploring various colouring effects. They took the opportunity to see what happens on various woods.

9 P1050128

10 P1050131

Then they were fascinated by the process and also dyed some fabric which was on hand. And then some shoelaces.

11 P1050129

And some hair.

12 b P1050130

It certainly was fun and a great way to involve community.

At the end of term, I got to go home for a week or so. On the way I spent a couple of days at Bornhoffen, a camp in the Gold Coast hinterland teaching crackle to the Gold Coast Spinners and Weavers. It was delightful surroundings with great views across the mountain. They are a very active group with a wide range of skill abilities.  We really didn’t have a great deal of time to take in the scenery. It’s a great facility and staying at a camp where food is provided sure does allow for focus on the workshop. Many samples were completed.

12 P1050139

Back to Sturt and in just two weeks the garden had changed, It was much greener but exquisitely beautiful with other trees flowering. The drift of petals coming down is something to be enjoyed.

13 P1050144

In October I am involved in two exhibitions.

Firstly, there’s Exposition.This exhibition has already been featured on my blog. It was first shown at Warwick. This time it will be at the Redland’s Museum. The exhibition is on till the end of October. If you are in the South East of Queensland, please come.

Exposition Redlands (464 x 600)

Then just two weeks later is my solo at Framed. I am nearly ready. Again if you are in Darwin, please come and view the exhibition. Framed have done a wonderful invitation. Thanks go to the Graphics designer and other staff involved. For those who have never been to Framed, it is a very beautiful gallery. I am delighted to be exhibiting there.

invite 1 (600 x 285)

Invite 2 (283 x 600)




2 Responses to September 2014

  1. Kaz Madigan says:

    love the Clasped weft

    • kayfaulkner says:

      I’m pleased you noted that Kaz. I meant to send you a message to say that Tuesday had woven this on the left over warp from the Winter School that you’d put on. She did a great job. Just wait and see what she did to it on this end of month’s blog. She finished the garment in class this week.

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