October 2014

Sometimes when I review a month, I just think that what has happened at the start of the month seems a very long time ago. This is one of those months when I really can’t believe that all this has happened in just one month. I will follow events chronologically.

I had just been back to Sturt when a couple of days later, that announcement was made (see previous 2 blogs). Then at the end of the week I was flying back to Brisbane and the opening of Exposition at the Redlands Museum. This is the exhibition that had been at Warwick a couple of months ago. It is always interesting to see how any exhibition sits in another space. This time it had a rather intimate feel. Its next showing will be at Mundaring Arts Centre in Western Australia, 14 November – 21 December.

IMG_0387 (240 x 320)

Then back to Sturt. Helen has a major accomplishment on finishing weaving a very large floor rug.




Ruth has the honour of cutting off the Group challenge woven on an eight shaft mechanical dobby. She completed the last tea towel. Each student had the opportunity to weave  one and in some cases two tea towels within the same given set of guidelines. The warp consisted of green, olive and tan threaded randomly. When students were given the challenge, no reference was made to the threading which by the way was straight twill. The important focus is on getting students to design. A colouring in exercise is a “soft” way to achieve this. There is no “right” or “wrong”. A vast array of designs was achieved, even to someone’s surprise some double weave.


The long length of tea towels hot from the loom.


The tea towels are on display in the weave studio along with the challenge. Eventually I hope to have each student’s draft attached to their tea towel.

P1050188 crop






Tuesday has sewn her poncho which she complete weaving on the previous month’s blog.


Maureen has finished her wall hanging. This was designed at Sturt but woven at home on her new 24 shaft computer assist Toika. It combines double weave, shadow weave and broken twill in silk and hand spun alpaca.

P1050164 crop

Barb’s series of large table napkins come off the loom.


Then there was the trip to Darwin and the opening of my solo exhibition, Panoply. Here are some images of how the work appears. The staff of Framed did an amazing job of hanging the exhibition. No effort was spared to achieve the effect I wanted. I am delighted with the response to date. Eventually and hopefully by the end of this month, I will put full details on my web site. The focus for this exhibition is on wearables: garments, yardage, wraps and scarves.
















And on the very last day of the month, Sturt took delivery of a new 8 shaft jack loom. This is another of those looms made by Doug Rosemond (at left) from the prototype developed in last year’s certificate wood course. It has been on order for a while and has arrived with 6 weeks to go till the end of term. I am determined to enable every student to weave on this beautiful loom. Another design challenge is on and ready to go. Currently there are 3 challenges underway on different looms. I have promised that we will maximise these next 6 weeks. This loom is certainly a cause for celebration.




2 Responses to October 2014

  1. Sheila Virgo says:

    Nice blog Kay, some lovely pictures. A bit cooler here today thank goodness. Enjoy the last few weeks, we’ll have a party when you get home. Love Sheila xx

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Trood says:

    Oh, Kay! such a beautiful exhibition….and so amazing the amount of stuff….congratulations, and sell stuff!!! And it sounds a very busy next 6 weeks, but so wonderful for the students to have so many challenges….

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