January 2016

February 4, 2016

The studio extension/back patio renovation is finally finished. It is a beautiful space to work in.


Finally I got to hang a ceramic mural by Phyllis Barnard, ‘Poseidon and the Harpies’. It was made over 20 years ago. Her daughter, Helen gave it to me. It looks just perfect here.



I celebrated with the first class of the New Year the following week: Linen and Lace. It was a perfect week with some lovely humidity that linen enjoys and yet wasn’t too unbearably hot. The looms were all ready to go with 6 different structures.


There was a lot of time spent doing theory and with students designing their own projects in the new space. Here Jen works on her next project.


And then of course you had to get under the looms and tie up. Vilasa is there again. The only loom not retied was the 8 shaft countermarche. The challenge became how many different patterns can be achieved from the one Spot Bronson tie up that I had set up.

And then finally they wove. Philip and Annette hard at work.




The first warp off the loom. The ends are trimmed before being laundered. Students went home with in the main completed projects- well at least washed and ironed and in some cases hemmed.

Philip’s collection woven over 5 days.

Annette’s collection woven over 5 days.

DSC02224 (600 x 400)
Jen’s collection woven over 4 days.


And Vilasa’s collection woven over 3 days.


That’s the great thing about running a workshop here. I can wherever possible work with individual student’s needs.
The weekend before the class, I had acquired another loom, this time from friend and weaver Joan Claringbould. It is another Lotas. This one can be stored folded up. It was also the easiest loom I’ve brought home- just wheeled it to the back of the car and slid it in. Pat Lack (foreground) poses with Joan. It was acquired just before the class so of course there was the opportunity to put it to good use.


Linen and Lace was a great way to start the year. It was great fun and a very productive week. I am delighted with what was achieved. I even got to do a bit of weaving too. And then I had the perfect opportunity to try out a new stitch I’d seen on Facebook by Alessandra Bordados.

DSC02259 (600 x 400)