Beyond The Basics


Do wish to know more of structure and how they work? This is the workshop that will take you beyond the basics. This is your opportunity to explore classic structures. It is also your opportunity to explore how to develop a profile draft and interpret them into these and other structures.

Looms will be set up prior to the workshop in a variety of structure and for a small project. All you will have to do is weave and design!

Topics covered

  • Overshot
  • Crackle
  • Summer and Winter
  • Other tied unit weaves
  • Lace weaves
  • How to create a profile draft
  • How to interpret that profile draft into weave structure

Note: the number of structures covered depends on class size.


$300 and materials fee.

Experience Level

Beginner weaver to more experienced.

What is provided?

Looms will be pre-warped so that students may weave immediately. The number of looms warped depends on the number of students.

Yarns provided for class samples.

However if a student wishes to weave their own project, this may be accommodated. In this case students will provide their own yarns. The project will need to be discussed prior to class.

Images from previous classes.





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