Colour in Weaving


What is the first thing that is noticed about textiles or quite often anything? It is colour.

How colour is used and the effect that can be achieved is the focus for this class. A wide range of topics will be covered. Students will go home with a better understanding of what makes colour work and hopefully have developed strategies to make great use of colour in their weaving.

Students will weave a variety of projects that explore different aspects of both theory and design approaches. A variety of yarns will be used. Lustre (or lack of) and texture also influence how colour is seen and has an effect on the overall appearance of cloth.

Topics covered.

  • The theory of colour
  • The application of colour by dyeing including painted warps and ikat. Looms will be set up with some of these for students to weave. There is potential for dyeing to be done either for painted warps or ikat or both.
  • How to use space dyed yarns. Often we accumulate these because they are pretty and then wonder how we can use them effectively.
  • How to wind and manage a warp consisting of more than one colour.
  • How to combine several warps on a loom.
  • Colour blending
  • Colour and weave effects including log cabin, shadow weave and echo weave (using parallel threadings).
  • The effect of balanced or unbalanced weave structures to controlling the proportion of colour that is seen.
  • Various warps will explore different aspects of colour theory including colour schemes and choice of colour within theory guidelines.

What is provided?

  • All equipment and looms are provided.
  • Kitchen facilities

Ability Level

Should have basic weaving skills.


$300 for 5 days. + Materials at replacement cost by weight.

Teaching Hours

9.00 am – 12.00 and 1.00 – 4.00 pm each day

Studio Access

8.00 am – 8.00 pm.

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