East Meets West and more

The basic class of East Meets West will be one of the topics I teach at Convergence, USA this year. This is your opportunity to explore the same topic here and more.

Most weavers look towards European and American weave structures for inspiration. Some real gems can be found in Eastern textiles. Warp faced textiles in S E Asia are usually woven on back strap looms but they often can be modified to suit multi shaft looms. This class will explore warp faced structures and effects including sotis, colour and weave effects, supplementary warps, warp wrapping, weft patterning on warp faced cloth. Students will design and weave a project that includes as many techniques that they wish to explore. In addition students will have the opportunity to learn how to weave on a vertical storage loom (pre-warped for group use) and its application for conventional looms.

Cost $300

Experience: open

Looms available: predominantly 8 shafts though there will be opportunity to use 16 shafts and sample on the Loas style loom with vertical storage.

The following are some of the techniques available for study.

_MG_9398 - Copy       100_5326 (400 x 600)    100_7159 - Copy

100_7153 - Copy  2 x Fabric lengths - Copy

This loom (or variations) is available on request. It is based on the Laos with a vertical storage system. You may even choose just to have a go if it is set up.

31   DSC02154 (600 x 400)




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