Linen and Lace

In this workshop students will weave a collection of small items (in essence useable samples). They will then have the opportunity to weave projects of their own design on these warps, or warp and weave their own project.


Linen is easy to work with provided you get the basics right.

Linen and lace work perfectly together. Linen holds the form of the openness of the structure of lace, while lace weaves highlight the characteristics of the essence of linen as a fibre.

Each loom will be set up in a different structure or effect. Some of the structures covered will be huck, bronson, swedish lace, and leno. The number of topics covered will relate to the number of students attending.

Looms will be pre-warped for basic samples. This means that students will be weaving on day 1. However students will also wind a warp and have the experience of putting on the perfect warp. These may be for additional group samples. Unless it is for their own project, they will not be required to spend time threading the loom.

For the first 2 -3 days students will explore basic techniques and structures. For the rest of the week students may choose to continue to work on these warps or design and weave their own project. Size will depend on the individual student and how they will manage their time.

The time of year: Summer in Brisbane should be perfect. Linen works beautifully in humidity.

Topics covered:

  • How to put on the perfect warp: such an essential for weaving with linen.
  • How to weave with linen: managing the process.
  • Theory: What makes lace?
  • Theory: Developing a profile draft.
  • Theory: The characteristics of each structure and basic draft.
  • Theory: Converting the profile draft into the different lace weave structures.
  • Theory: Achieving lace without using a “lace weave” structure.
  • Design in general and appropriate for each warp. Also for individual projects if this is your choice.
  • Weaving process.
  • Finishing: theory and practical.

What is provided?

  • All equipment and looms are provided.
  • Kitchen facilities

Ability Level

Should have basic weaving skills.


$300 for 5 days. + Materials at replacement cost by weight.

Students to provide their own yarn if they decide to take this option.

Teaching Hours

9.00 am – 12.00 and 1.00 – 4.00 pm each day

Studio Access

8.00 am – 8.00 pm


It is important to discuss what you wish to weave if you decide to design and weave an individual project prior to the workshop.


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