Parallels and networks.

Students may choose to do only parallel threadings or only networked drafts or a combination of both. Students will develop their own drafts and weave a project or series of samples.

Networked drafts allows you to weave curves. Learn the basic process from the simple process of drawing a line to developing a draft. Explore pattern development options.

What is a parallel threading, how do you design with them and what can you do with them? Develop drafts for 2, 3 or even 4 parallel threadings. Explore weave structures such as double weave, turned taquete´ and echo weave. Designs will be developed using computer software.

Students may wish to combine both topics in the development of drafts and to weave a project. Parallel threadings may be achieved on a networked draft.

The design opportunities are huge even on 8 shafts.

Students may choose to allocate their time so that they concentrate mainly on developing designs or on weaving or on a balance between the two.

In all cases, students will develop drafts using Fiberworks PCW ©. This is also an opportunity to become familiar with this program. Once drafts have been developed students will weave their own choice of project or a series of samplers.

8 shaft and 16 shaft computer assist looms available.

Cost: $300

Materials: Supply your own.

Level of experience: intermediate to advanced.


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