The following is a list of classes that can be undertaken by independent study in the studio. A base version is also suitable for a 2 or 3 day workshop for guilds.

Experience level

  • Studio class: Any level can be catered for from the very beginner to extended work for the more experienced.
  • Guild: I can tailor a workshop to guild requirements. However apart from weaving basics, an ability to prepare a loom for weaving is required. The looms will be dressed prior to the workshop except for  Weaving basics, Ikat and Colour my warp.

Loom requirements

  • Studio: According to student preferences. From 4 or 8 to computer assist.
  • Guild: unless otherwise stated, 4 shafts are the minimum requirement.


Weaving basics

The versatile twill

Structures from a straight draw


Summer and Winter


Colour and weave

Shadow weave


Huck lace


Colour my warp

Finger manipulated weaves


Woven shibori

East meets West

Ties: practical, decorative and unconventional

More topics will be listed.  If there is a topic you’d like to explore and it is not listed please contact Kay.

To see more details of the topics on offer click here. Topic details


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