Two extremes

Choose between weft faced rugs and warp faced textiles


Often the focus for weavers is to focus on being able to see equal quantities of or at least some of, both the warp and weft. This workshop encourages students to look beyond this and explore textiles where either only the warp or weft can be seen.

Floor Rugs provide the perfect marriage with weft faced textiles. They may be woven in wool or with rags. A variety of techniques and structures may be used.

Warp faced textiles may be used to weave clothing, bags, table linen, wall hangings. Dyeing techniques such as warp ikat, painted warps (single or multiple) can be used solely or combined with solid colours. Solid colours only may also be used. The woven cloth may be flat, ribbed or even woven as rep.

Having a workshop that focuses on these two extremes will allow for maximum use of the looms that are available. I strongly recommend that rugs be woven on the studio’s countermarche looms while the warp faced textiles can be woven on the lighter but still sturdy jack looms. This is a case of choose your loom to suit your purpose.



Students will choose to weave either a rug or a warp faced textile/s.

All students will be included in theory for both.

Topics covered in Rug workshop include:

  • Rug design for both rag and wool.
  • Choice of materials. (Students may provide their own or select from what is on offer in the studio at cost.)
  • Techniques of rug weaving
  • Finishing techniques

Topics covered in warp faced textiles include:

  • Applications for warp faced textiles.
  • Designing with warp faced textiles.
  • Warp ikat
  • Warp painting
  • Structure and colour
  • Different effects as the result of using the same weft yarn as the warp, a single different weight of weft yarn, ribbed effects and Rep (alternating thick and thin)
  • Finishing techniques.


Students to provide

  • Yarns for project.
  • Please discuss project prior to workshop.

Provided by the studio

  • All looms and weaving equipment
  • Optional: If students require me to supply rug warp, it will be at replacement cost. There are some rug wools (Highcraft) in a limited colour range also available at cost. These are ideal for a floor rug.
  • Morning and afternoon tea
  • Kitchen facilities.

Experience Level

Must be able to warp a loom independently.


$300 for 5 days.


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