Weaving for spinners.

Create your own yarn for weaving. It may be either home spun or commercial yarn that has been over spun. Students to bring their own homespun yarn or may bring their wheel to create that extra bit of specialised yarn for a project. Explore the basic process to achieve the best results from your homespun. You may use homespun for both warp and weft or use a commercial yarn to extend how far your limited homespun will go. Create that exclusive fabric by combining many novelty yarns. Or you may create more extreme fabrics using over spun yarns with S and Z twist to create “collapsed” fabrics.

Cost: $300

Experience: Open

Loom: Main focus on 4 – 8 shafts.

Students to provide own hand spun wool.

Optional: Bringing a spinning wheel will allow for the opportunity to prepare small amounts of specialty yarn as required.


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