Weekly Classes

Skill level: Beginner to intermediate to more experienced

Class size: 5 beginner and intermediate weavers


Beginner weavers will learn the process of winding a warp, dressing the loom, and basic weaving skills. Techniques include plain weave, twills and some variations. Some experimentation with colour will occur.

Intermediate weavers will develop more advanced skills weaving a project in a technique of their choice. Alternatively they may explore one of the listed topics or one of their own choosing. Individual projects need to be discussed prior to class so that students can organise yarn.

Experienced weavers may take the opportunity to weave on either 8 shafts, the draw or computer assist looms.

Skills in being able to read and draft a weave pattern will be encouraged for all weavers.


  • Looms (4-8 shafts) for beginner or intermediate. The draw loom and 16 shaft computer assist loom are available for advanced weavers only.
  • All weaving equipment
  • Yarn for the initial project for beginner weavers
  • Handouts as required
  • Tea and coffee
  • Kitchen facilities

Not provided:

  • Yarn for projects apart from the initial beginner project.

Teaching hours:   9.00- 12.00 am and 1.00 – 4.00 pm each day.

Length of course: 5 days in a 3 week period starting any time. I have found that students learn best in a concentrated period of time, hence the 5 days in a 3 week period. However if students can only come for one day a week then I can accommodate this. On the other hand if students wish to use their 5 days in a shorter period of time, this can also be accommodated. The aim for this structure is to allow for flexibility with student’s negotiating what days suit their schedule.

Cost: $300 for 5 lessons


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