Looms and modifications

This page is dedicated to assimilating any information gathered on looms and modifications. Some are independent reports while others are linked to blogs that I have written.


Here are two modifications that have enabled the pattern shafts at the rear of a drawloom to be lifted perfectly even and horizontally.

The first was a modification that I did on my Glimakra with a Ophampta attachment. The lifting mechanism for the pattern shafts on that loom drove me crazy so I got to and did something about it. This article was first printed in the International Damask Newsletter Winter 2011. A simple conversion for a Glimåkra with an Opphamta attachment.

This second modification developed when Jette Vandermeiden’s engineering husband became involved. This article is written by Jette, Harry and myself. Medusa


Countermarche Looms

This modification allows a very easy method of tieing up shafts for weaving. When a different set of treadles need to be tied up, this is done from the top. There’s no need to get right down under the treadles any more. It was first published on my blog in December 2017.

December 2017: A loom and a convenient tie up method for countermarche looms.

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