Kay’s weaving school

Location: In my home studio at 30 Barron Rd, Birkdale, Queensland, Australia

Why: I have become increasingly concerned about the future of hand weaving. I wish to provide the opportunity for weavers to come and learn either a new technique, brush up on existing skills, simply weave a project that they’ve wanted to weave or experience weaving on different types of looms. I wish the experience to be fun, stress free, supportive and at the same time challenging. I want students to come away knowing that they have achieved.

My commitment is to offer highly individualised instruction responding to the individual needs and experience of the student.

Skill level required: Some classes will be focused for the beginner while others for the more experienced. Each class will nominate experience level.

Class size will be limited.

The classes to be offered: My aim is to offer a variety of learning experiences so that there will be an opportunity to suit everyone’s needs.

There will be listed scheduled classes; either week long, or 1 day a week.

For those wishing a structured format when attending either a weekly or “A Special”, you may select from the list of topics or nominate one of your own choosing.

If the studio is available, it will also be possible for individuals or groups to apply to use the studio privately, hiring studio space and a loom for a particular project.

Scheduled classes

On going                           Weekly class 5 classes in 3 weeks #


4-8th December               Special

8-12 January (4 places left) and 19-23 February (1 place left) Linen and Lace Learn how to weave trouble free with linen. Explore various lace weave structures. Linen and lace is a beautiful combination. Looms will be set up so you will not need to thread before weaving.

23-26 March       From a Twill Threading

30 April – 4 May     Beyond the Basics

11-16 June       Special

6-10 August Two ties or Summer and Winter


For details of all classes please go to http://www.kayfaulkner.com.au


# Weekly classes will continue through the program. Students commit for 5 classes in a 3 week period and pay prior to commencement. Students may start at any time. Actual day/s offered may vary according to student preference. Contact Kay for details.

Additional classes to be posted as the schedule develops.

Equipment supplied: Looms and all weaving equipment are provided: shuttles, warping board and mills, bobbin winders, threaders etc.

Facilities: Kitchen facilities available. Tea and coffee supplied

Cost: The cost for each class will be identified individually.

To reserve your place:

Email: magthrds@optusnet.com.au

Phone: 07 32071481. Please leave a message if I don’t answer.

Outside studio teaching: If you belong to a guild, and would like me to come and teach for your guild, please contact me. There are a number of topics on offer. If you have a particular topic in mind that is not on the list, I can tailor a workshop for your requirements. (Looms not supplied)


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